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With 60% less calories and sugar.

A clinical study conducted by doctors at a top research university, indicated PlumSmart juice may help regulate digestion when 8oz were consumed daily for two weeks. For a great digestive health routine, enjoy PlumSmart every day.

Get Smart About Digestive Health! Join the millions of Americans who have made PlumSmart a healthy part of their daily routine.

Digestive Health

58% of participants reported relief from irregularity after consumption of PlumSmart compared to 28% for apple juice alone and 50% for apple juice and Metamucil®.

72% of women reported relief from irregularity when using PlumSmart compared to 29% with placebo and 50% with Metamucil.

Greater Comfort

After using PlumSmart, participants reported a larger reduction in the painful and uncomfortable symptoms associated with constipation when compared to apple juice and apple juice with Metamucil.

Preferred Taste

The taste of PlumSmart was preferred to that of apple juice with Metamucil. On a 10-point scale, participants reported an average rating of 8.2 for the taste of PlumSmart, compared to 8.1 for apple juice alone and 6.0 for apple juice with Metamucil.


Metamucil® is a registered trademark of Procter and Gamble.

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